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What is the Spot of Tea, a restaurant or a Segway Tour service?

Both! Spot of Tea is the flagship restaurant in Mobile and one of the longest continually opened restaurants. Since 1994 we've built a reputation as "the place to be" for well over 22 years. We are now becoming known not just as a restaurant but as an attraction with our Segway Tours. Beautiful Red, White & Blue Segways gliding the streets of downtown teaching the tourist & locals the rich history of Mobile, with an emphasis on Mardi Gras!. Enjoy breakfast or lunch with us and get 10% off a Segway Tour, just ask your server!

What is your Segway Tour?

A guided tour that runs about a 2-mile loop around downtown Mobile. Led by a well-versed, fun tour guide taking you to famous historic attractions with an emphasis on Joe Cain, one of the original founders of what's known today as Mardi Gras! You'll hear thru your headset the incredible history of each site while gliding on a Segway you'll be entertained with the fun facts from your guide!

When can we take this tour?

Everyday! Seven days a week we can accommodate up to eight guests in the tour. The times are 10:00am, 11:00am, 12:00pm, 1:00pm, 2:00pm, and 3:00pm. Special accommodations can be made for your group's needs with prior notice.

Where is the Segway business?

Enter from the front or rear entrance to the Spot of Tea at 310 Dauphin Street, Mobile, Alabama.

Where do we go on the tour?

Go to our home page, click the "Downtown Map" button and click the "Sights Description" button.

How much are the tours?

According to which package you choose. We have three packages. The best value package is the VIP.


$80.00+10%. This package includes an exciting guided Segway tour with headset, helmet, locker, Comfort Mats*. SPP*, and either lunch or breakfast with a non-alcoholic beverage at the Spot of Tea, the place to be!


$70.00+10%. includes an exciting guided Segway tour with headset, helmet, locker, Comfort Mat* and SPP*


$60.00+10%. includes an exciting guided Segway tour with headset and helmet.

*Comfort Mats:

Cushioned by thick, industrial grade rubber that absorbs shocks and jolts, the Comfort Mats allow you to ride on and on without getting fatigued.

*SPP  (Segway Protection Plan):

Gives you peace of mind that minor damages to any of our equipment will be covered by this plan up to $200.00.

What happens if I miss my reservation?

That's  simple, we don't keep folks money for services they didn't get. We want you to come back!

Can we rent the Segways and go on our own?

Sure, there is an additional waiver and deposit required but we reserve the right to deny.

Do you have lockers?

Yes we do. the lockers rent for $6.00 each, yet notice it is included in the Premium  and VIP Packages!

I have small kids can they ride?

I'm sorry but no. We'd love for you to come dine with us and check it out but we can't stick them in the locker...jk

What are the height, weight and age requirements?

Due to the Segway design, there are a few physical requirements;

HEIGHT: minimum 4ft tall (134cm)

WEIGHT: minimum of 99lbs (45kgs) & maximum of 258lbs (117kgs)

AGE: there are no age requirements but "kids" must pass training course requirements.

Senior Citizen Discount? ​Of course, you're never to old to have fun. 55 & older, I.D. required use promo code;  senior     10% off

​Military & First Responder Discount? ​Yes, thank you for your service to our country and community! use promo code;  civic    10%off